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who's done what:

posters&lettering designs
design system&illustrations
made in 27 days
for designworkout, WCCB
Berlin, Germany
made in 27 days
for Designworkout and WCCB
Berlin, Germany

Using the WCCB design system by DesignWorkout, we’ve made various posters for the competitors and for the club itself.

We’ve also developed several options of lettering by hand and using module components.

In 2023, World Chess, opened a flagship concept chess club in the center of Berlin. The club has two bars, an obsessively good coffee shop, a merchandise and chess inventory kiosk, an event space, a chess streamers studio, and a cafe.

This place draws an eccentric range of actors, models, tourists, musicians, journalists, professional chess players, and everyone in between. The diversity of the people fuels the fun at is the essence of the club.
The club, open to everyone, celebrates chess and comes together to socialise and play a game that has been a part of the world’s culture for ages and as such, is a language of its own.

what we've done:

posters design
lettering design
artem khotulev
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