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Our studio is a team of professionals in different fields, lived in different countries, but united by the idea of creating design in various areas of life.

We just create design that solves problems and does not create new ones. But thanks to our team with wide specialisation, our approach combines style and functionality, giving projects character, usability and recognition

The idea of creating arka buro came after the studio’s co-owners, being in different countries, successfully created a website for a chain of flower shops in Moscow in 2022.

Subsequently, the two friends decided that they could develop a studio where several of their friends and colleagues from different countries would work and provide the opportunity to create diverse and high-quality design products: from identities and websites for large businesses to logos for local workshops and restaurants.
layout designer

Since 2014 I've been involved in automotive design. Also learned coding in js, html, css, python and c# from a successful data engineer. This knowledge allows our studio to implement the customer’s needs and create websites without any lack of technical skills, going beyond the expected.

I also take photos of literally everything, from food and streets, cars and helicopters, to guides for RBC News, Snob Journal, Afisha and private shooting for large enterprises and companies.
art director
UX-UI designer

From childhood to this day, I have been interested in everything related to design, graphics and visuals. That is why I have been involved in automotive design since 2012 and during this time I have helped in the development of several projects, which, unfortunately, I cannot talk about. After that, in 2021, I switched fields and completed my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design.

Also, for 2 years as one of three speakers, taught a course for automotive design studio at the Moscow Polytechnic Museum.

After that, since mid 2022 studying graphic, web design and typography on Sicily.
graphic designer

I have been passionate about design and art for over 7 years. Since 2018, I have been working professionally as an illustrator: developed illustrations for kepler shops in Moscow and designed the layout for an Italian magazine.

In my opinion, art and design should not only have a visual component, but also a strong and thoughtful story.

I am currently studying photography, drawing and illustration at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in southern Italy.
supportive doggo
and he’s also cute :)

Hey there, my name is Rico. i’m the best supportive doggo and co-founders’ assistant ever. Sometimes I help my talanted colleagues with just my cute nose and big eyes.
UX architect

I’m currently pursuing a degree in Design at the Arts and Design Program in Italy, with a focus on transformative yet effective communication in visual spaces and interfaces.

My previous experience includes graduation in architecture from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, working for 3 years at Eventscape, a distinguished architectural design firm based in Toronto, and contributions to diverse projects showcasing proficiency in conceptualising and implementing cutting-edge design solutions.

My portfolio also includes, among other things: helping to organise the exhibition “Io Maschera” for students of the MADE University (2022), as well as organising the “Gibellina Photo Road 2023”, an art and photography festival on Sicily in Gibellina, TP, which takes place every 2 years
liza starovoyteva
text guru

vlad alferovsky
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