who's done what:

posters&lettering designs
design system&illustrations
made in 27 days
for designworkout, WCCB
Berlin, Germany
made in 27 days
for Designworkout and WCCB
Berlin, Germany

We’ve attended a DW meeting where everyone was asked to work on the visual design system of World Chess Club Berlin. Using the WCCB design system by DesignWorkout, we’ve made various posters for the competitors and for the club itself.

We’ve also developed several options of lettering by hand and using module components.

Armageddon is a global chess series where players compete under immense time pressure in the most dramatic chess format ever. To become the winner in the GRAND FINAL, you need to win the championship of two blitz games, time control 3+2.

The Series features the winners of the online qualifications fighting it out in blitz and Armageddon matches against the world’s strongest grandmasters. With play-by-play commentary, sideline coverage, and interactive elements, the show takes place in a spectacular Armageddon studio in Berlin.

what we've done:

posters design
lettering design
artem khotulev
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